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Unified Communications and Contact Center Solutions

Spring Technologies are experts in unified communications technologies. We have deployed some of the key projects in Cambodia so far in various sectors such as banks, micro finance institutions and many others. Contact us today to see how out unified communications solutions can help reduce costs and improve your customer experience.

Having proper communications between each team member is very critical for a success of a business. Whether you are looking for complex site to site communication architecture to reduce cost and migrate your analog voice infrastructure in to digital to reduce complexity and cut down costs or just looking for simple group communication with your team, we can help you. Spring team have deployed some of the largest unified communications projects to date in the market and we can help you to make your vision for communication architecture become a reliable and executable project.

Communication platforms today evolve around different user groups and multiple locations across multiple continents. The key to having a successful peer to peer communication depends of the completeness of the technology and the features it provides. At spring we have build a complete partner eco system to provide tailored communications solutions to any business case that you need. We have a range of solutions starting from standard unified communication systems, video and room conference solutions, smart room systems, peer to peer collaboration systems, telephone to IP integration systems and even Land mobile radio systems (LMR) interoperability with your IP/PSTN telecommunication systems. Contact us today to know more information.

Our call center solution 3CX comes complete with end to end deployment options. We provide on premise license or on cloud, with all type of trunking supported, such as E1, SIP, PSTN, etc. We provide skype truking where your customers can call you using a skype number and the call will ring on your contact center agents. Additionally we can setup IP phones, remove offices using 3CX survivable branch office so even if the network link between your 3CX server and your branch office is down the branch office will be still working without any downtime.

Unlike other products in the market 3CX does not license based on number of extension so you can use unlimited number of extensions. Also there are no additional fees for additional lines/trunks used this mean that you can add many trunks like E1, ISDN, PSTN, SIP, SKYPE, etc. without any additional charges. This gives high return on investment for our customers since they do not need to spend more money when they expand. 3CX supports multiple array of IP phones from basic level to advanced color touch screen models. All of these phones can be managed in one single console.

3CX have free integration options for almost any CRM system in the market. We recommend Microsoft CRM as it’s the best CRM software out the market now. It is very cost effective with flexible deployment options and we have successfully completed many CRM projects and integrated with 3CX contact center solution so when the customer call the system will do automatic call POP up. We are the only company who are certified in Cambodia for Microsoft CRM and with successful deployment record.

We are the only certified and authorized partner for 3CX in Cambodia. We have deployed 3CX to many enterprise customers in Cambodia. We have 24x7 support for our customers and free support and training. We have done very large implementation of 3CX in various sectors including big banks and MFI. We have monthly subscription payment options as well as on premise options for our clients. Please contact us today to turn your communication platform in to customer oriented powerhouse

One of our key solutions what we bring for our customers is that our call center solutions. In today’s IP communication landscape businesses need proper customer service and tight integration with their IP telephony systems. This is where our 3CX contact center solutions comes in to place. Our 3CX unified call center solution is a one single solution for both your IP telephony system and call center. With our 3CX contact center solution it is easy to convert existing telephony system in to an integrated call center and IP telephony solution seamlessly without downtime or hassle.

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