ZAP Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence and Analytics

Our BI solution delivers end-to-end data management and analytics. It is a powerful solution that automates steps in the collection, organization, and analysis of data. It reduces technical effort and results in faster deployments, quicker time-to-value, and reduced cost and risk. Contact us today to get more information.

Our industry leading BI solution makes it simpler for customers to unlock the potential of their data. Customers enjoy a low-risk, productized approach to collecting, organizing, and analyzing their data for accurate insight. We can add value to your investment by leveraging your data and our applications and produce a hub for all your data sources in one single server. Best part yet the solution comes with complete set of out of the box dashboards, and reports that are based on industry best metrics and formulas. This content can get you jump started immediately after getting ZAP Data intelligence.

With ZAP Data intelligence the solution comes out of the box with 100’s of reports and dashboards. This helps the clients key users and the technical teams to jump start on the BI project and start using right away. Unlike other BI solutions the IT or the key users do not need special skills to design and develop time consuming reports. With ZAP you can get the complete BI software deployment, get the analytic pack and setup completed in less than two weeks. There is no other BI solution in the market that can be deployed so fast.

ZAP Bi is the leading BI solution certified for Microsoft Dynamics products. With the proprietary data wizard we can build the data warehouse in just few hours so that we spend more time with the client understanding requirements and designing content.

Only ZAP BI comes with the out of box content such as this, here we show a photo of a dashboard for a vice president of the company. In ZAP when you purchase there are so much content like this to get you started. All information in this dashboards are based in industry best practice metrics so it is a very good benchmark to compare your business to see how well you are doing.

ZAP BI have certified solutions for Microsoft Dynamics products such as AX, NAV CRM. With the solution it will just take only few hours to build the complete data warehouse and get you started on BI. It is one of the most cost effective and best solution in the market today. Contact us to know more.

A pre-set, flexible data model for Microsoft AX makes ZAP BI quick to set-up and start to extract, organize and analyze data from the ERP. Data connectors to other systems and data sources make it simple to combine Dynamics AX data with other data from across the business. The pre-set data model is also highly configurable. Accessed through a graphical interface, users can adapt the model without the need to write code. ZAP BI has built-in data governance and administration controls. This ensures data is secure, accurate and reliable. ZAP BI delivers role-based analytics and dashboards across all functional modules of the system. Highly flexible, analytics can be configured easily by users to create their own insight.

ZAP BI for Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a configurable pre-set data model and connectors to other applications and data sources. This makes it quick to extract data from NAV and combine it with other sources from across the business. Data modeling capabilities means that users can adapt data to meet specific requirements, without the need for code to be written. ZAP BI’s built-in data governance means strong security and accuracy of data. Insight from across the business, including finance, supply chain, sales, and manufacturing is accessed through role-based dashboards. Flexible analytics are easy to customize with drag and drop functionality, so users can create their own insight.

We have certified solutions for

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SAGE X3
  • SAGE 300
  • SAGE 500
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Many others