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SPRING, is an IT consultancy team specializing in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Cloud solutions. Through our continuous passion to enable people and businesses to unleash their full potential, we evolved our new identity “SPRING”


  • Trunkey cloud solutions
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Data Intelligence
  • Unified communications and call center software
  • Oracle Apps
  • Office 365 with email and collaboration software


  • Technology
  • Scalability
  • Adaptability
  • Quality
  • Success


With our years of expertise in project delivery on Microsoft and other technologies we have crafted the perfect rapid delivery process for technology projects using essence of Microsoft operations framework and Microsoft Sure Step methodology and adding our own secret touch. Our methodology have delivered hundreds of projects in multiple countries successfully with great effect. We believe that each project have its own unique challenges as cost optimization, change management, technology discipline and more and it is our belief to mitigate each of these trough a proven project delivery method to achieve the final success. We put customer in the center of all what we do, and thus allowing us to deliver our solutions to exceed expectations of our clients. Our team of highly skilled technology enthusiasts will work with you closely to convert your vision of business goals to tangible technology delivery. Get in touch today with one of our expert consultants to see how we can transform your business to the digital era.


I have known Mr. Sampath Perera, CEO Spring Technologies as a close friend and he have helped us to mitigate all our challenges we had related to data visibility. We had many challenges doing reports with our ERP solution but with the DATA Intelligence Solution from Spring we are now able to do data analytic and complex reporting with ease so our management can get better informed decisions.

ISI Steel Co Ltd

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Perera and his team at Spring for our migration from ZIMBRA to Exchange Server. They were very capable team with excellent product expertise.


Mr. Hoe Siew Nee, Group IT Director
Mr. Perera and his team at Spring deployed Microsoft Dynamics NAV for our company PPM, Confirel and Depomex. Their team was subject matter experts who knew the product very well with in depth industry experience. We had a very successful project with them.

Pharma Product Manufacturing

Mr. Hay Lyaun, Project Director